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Sue wants to change the system to be responsive to the goals of the grantor. Her intention is to educate people about how they can choose a model of trust that works with their family and assets.

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California attorney Sue Farley has just joined an elite group of authors and now has the honor of being a #1 Amazon Best Selling Author.

Her new book is Trust, Are You Kidding?: Pitfalls of the Current Trust System Exposed: How to Establish a Trust that Works!. The book is helping people take charge of their money so that the financial legacy they leave in a living trust goes where they want it to go.

This book is timely in any economy, and even more so now as baby boomers and seniors scramble to protect their assets. Sue Farley raises awareness of how the multi-trillion dollar trust industry fails to assure that money goes where the giver intends.

High profile celebrities shed light – intentionally or not – on an issue that affects millions of families. Michael Jackson’s family is finding out about all the pitfalls of the current system for living trusts. Now that the pop star is dead, various people are fighting over his money.

Nobody oversees trustee compliance with the terms of a trust. When someone establishes living trust and says how much should go to whom and for what purpose, there is no protection in place to make certain the funds reach their intended destination. “If you sign a broad grant of powers to your trustee, that trustee can invest your hard-earned money and assets in whatever way the trustee wants,” Farley said.

The book is full of stories of people who have fallen victim to the pitfalls in the system. However, Farley does not only share how college dreams and businesses were ruined. She has a solution that she teaches readers of the book. “It is time we learned what is involved, how to deal with the issues, and how to protect ourselves, our families, and our estates against the problems that plague the current trust system,” said Farley. She guides the reader through making key decisions, creating an estate plan, setting up your trust, anticipating administration costs, and a solution for repairing the system itself.

Sue Farley has over thirty years handling litigation surrounding trust cases. Because of the hardships her family endured with the legal system, she has a personal interest in protecting people's assets and educating them about a system that she believes is rife with problems.

She graduated from UC Hastings College of the Law and spent five years doing trial work for major San Francisco law firms. Then she moved to a smaller firm where she was lead counsel in major litigation. Her first trust case involved handling a prominent San Francisco family's claims of fraud and breach of trust against the bank that was holding the family trust.

After researching the entire process of a trust over seven years, she concluded that trusts fail at all levels. Then she developed the solution.

Receive a free living trust template and purchase Trust, Are You Kidding? From her directly at The book is also available from and other online booksellers as well as bookstores.


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