Trust, Are You Kidding?!
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Sue Farley has discovered a way to create and administer trusts so they won't run into the myriad and complex problems currently plaguing the trust industry.

Technology: The New Paradigm in Trusts

Trusts, Are you Kidding? explains how new technology can alleviate many of the flaws in the current system and how to make them easier and more efficient to execute.

With new technology in place, you'll have more input into decisions you'd like to make for your family when you are gone. It will empower you by providing questions that you never thought to ask.

At present, it is virtually impossible to incorporate your values into a trust in a way that can guide your personal or professional representative in the decisions he/she makes.

Emerging trust technology software will be able to detect patterns and even solve problems based on patterns and outcome.

New Technology will Allow You To:

  • Project into the future and leave a legacy of defined choices rather than allowing strangers or distant relatives to impose their values on your beneÞciaries.
  • Incorporate huge amounts of data that can be referenced and cross-checked.
  • Respond to changing conditions and events making life easier for everyone.
  • And much more
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